IRMA projekt sistem d.o.o.
Headquarter: 11080 Beograd-Zemun, Njegoševa 29
Office: 11070 Novi Beograd, Vladimira Popovića 6/210
Tel: +381 11 71-11-472, 71-11-407
Fax: +381 11 71-22-084

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About Us

Our mission: Clean Air – Healthy Environment


In response to ever tightening environmental legislation and increasingly competitive commercial climate, we are committed to the expansion and development of our core technologies and to a continuous promotion of expertise and know-how that will secure a flexible approach and offer a diversity of options that will best suit the needs and resources of our customers. Our primary mission is to provide clean air in a sound and safe environment and to deliver for our customers:


◊ Exceptional quality and performance of our products,
◊ State-of-the-art technologies in air pollution control
◊ Innovative and profitable solutions
◊ Maximum energy saving and high durability




◊ Environmental protection & Air Pollution Control
◊ Thermal Engineering & Power System Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering
◊ Wastewater treatment




◊ Flue gas cleaning
◊ Dust collection in industrial plants
◊ Industrial ventilation
◊ Pneumatic transport
◊ Transmission lines and distribution network of gases and liquids
◊ Suspended solids removal - wastewater treatment


IRMA PS offers and provides complete Turnkey Services; reconstruction, design, installation, supervision, maintenance, revamping & upgrading of projects, preparation of studies and analyses, emission measurement, technical support, consulting etc. With the view to promoting environmental standards we are broadening the scope of our activities to other areas such as petrochemical engineering, applied thermal technologies & thermal engineering.